Absolutely amazing job, I only booked the day before and he came around the next morning. My mondeo st220 had been high on emissions and running a bit sluggish. After an hour on the machine I took it for a test spin and the difference was amazing. It picks up a lot quicker and feels a lot smoother. Also the engine ticks over quieter. I would highly recommend to anyone to get there car carbon cleaned and feel the difference.

Mark Taylor

Facebook Reviewer

Andy has done brilliant job on my car! I need my car for my business and it was running with flat spots that were getting worse. I had spoken to other companies and they advised that my DPF needed cleaning and that it was going to cost £200+. I spent an hour with Andy, he is a knowledgeable guy, and in that time my car has been transformed. Three engine codes have disappeared and the car is so smooth and responsive it’s great!

Ed Mass

Facebook Reviewer

Well I’m the first to admit I am or was a sceptic but after hearing how it improved a few friends cars I thought for the price well worth a go.. car is quieter, smoother in the low revs and seems to pull cleaner with less throttle.. time will tell if the MPG gains at all. After changing an EGR VALVE on another car recently and seeing how much carbon builds up inside leading to failure this is the cheapest easiest method out there to prevent it failing let alone the other benefits. Great service from a great company.. easiest 5 star review ever.

Michael D-Ray

Facebook Reviewer

I recently bought a skoda vrs 2.0 tdi with 109,000 MLS I thought it could benefit from an engine carbon clean, I looked around and found Nottingham engine carbon cleaning. Before the engine was loud and lumpy the car felt like it had done 109,000 MLS, but after the clean the engine was a lot quieter and straight away just reversing the vehicle after the clean the engine was so smooth compared to before it was like a new car I took it for a drive and was gobsmacked my 9 year old car felt like a one year old vehicle! Fantastic product fantastic service I will defiantly be returning for another clean in the future. Be aware of other carbon cleaners that are not as effective as this one is a belter!!!

Robbie Cook

Facebook Reviewer

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